About Us

How We Got Here

Originally founded in the late 1990s, Paver Las Vegas has been performing high-end concrete paver installations for many years throughout the greater Las Vegas area. We also specialize in stone and brick pavers for your decorative outdoor hardscaping installations. We are a women-owned business and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, experience, and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We perform installations in residential and commercials settings, and there are many different design options to choose from when developing the layout and color scheme of your paver installation. You can opt for an appearance that is more modern-looking, or conversely, more classical and straightforward. Either way, our wide variety of decorative solutions will infuse more elegance and visual splendor into your outdoor landscaping.

“Our customers are our family. We will utilize every tool and resource at our disposal to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services.”

We utilize all the latest technology, materials, and equipment to perform high-end paver installations. When it comes to quality, we never make any compromises. We are capable of building out sidewalks and outdoor walkaways for parking lots and other commercial areas, and the size and shapes of the pavers are customizable to your liking. The equipment and technology we use can shape and install pavers in a way that forms consistent joint spacing.

We would also like to say that we can provide free- non-obligatory estimates for anyone who is interested in hiring our paver installation services. This allows you to consider all of the colors, textures, and patterns that are available to you during the design process.

Our team is comprised of technicians, licensed contractors, land developers, and professional designers who all have ample experience and knowledge when it comes to paver installation, and they have all been involved in their fair share of projects. We are also partnered with several different venders, making it much easier and more convenient for us to obtain the materials required for every paver installation. This helps us provide you with a quick, affordable, and reliable service that you will not find anywhere else. We employ some of the most dedicated contractors in the community who are fully certified and licensed. Also, we have established partnerships with several different committees throughout our community, and this enables us to stay informed on all the latest developments in paver technology and it also allows us to build relationships with the people we serve. We do everything we can to give back to the community and create an ecosystem of economic prosperity.

“Our community means everything to us. We want to help uplift the people of Las Vegas and show them that we truly care.”

Our services encompass many different types of installations, which include courthouses, terraces, pool decks, and throughways. We can help guide you throughout the entire process and we will ensure that you are never left out of the loop. We understand that all of our clients have high expectations when it comes to our professional paver installations, and we do everything we can to ensure that you won’t be disappointed with our services. We possess all the tools and training to greatly enhance the beauty of your property. Our hardscaping solutions are truly one-of-a-kind and we never settle for less when it comes to your ideal paver installation.

A Different Kind of Look and Function

Stone, concrete, and brick pavers not only look amazingly beautiful, but they offer an incredible amount of strength and durability, as they can withstand extreme outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, and other natural phenomena. Brick pavers are great for establishing a rustic and agrarian appearance, and our stone pavers offer a more natural look. Concrete offers you many different design options, and they are equally as beautiful as stone and brick pavers. Each paver material that we utilize also provides a great deal of functionality and structural resilience that you won’t find with traditional concrete installations.

We perform custom projects for a variety of residential and commercial customers, and we have installed stone and concrete pavers for many notable clients and profitable entities in our community. We also had a hand in several different remodels for companies throughout Las Vegas.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, and our team of experienced contractors can handle anything you throw at them. We always prioritize the needs of our clients and we strive to provide you with a service that is affordable and practical. You can call us any time and one of our team members will explain our paver installation services in greater detail.

Check out our work!

We have had hundreds of customers across the valley and they are enjoying their custom paver, and hardscape solutions provided by us! If you are looking for paver installation or custom hardscape solutions than give us a call today!