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Concrete Patio Installation

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Outdoor concrete installations can greatly enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home. It also established greater functionality by providing you and your family a space to entertain guests and throw parties. Concrete is the perfect material for bayard patios because it offers a lot of versatility because you can get creative with different coloring techniques and design options. This includes stamped concrete (which allows you to have your concrete mimic other materials) and concrete pavers. The material is also inexpensive in comparison to brick and natural stone, and it also offers a great deal of durability and structural resilience during extreme weather conditions. Concrete is also easy to clean and you won’t have to invest a lot of money in repair and resurfacing services. The longevity of a concrete patio ensures that you are getting the most out of your investment and will also greatly increase the value of your home. There are many worthwhile reasons to install a new concrete patio and we want to help break it all down for you!

Why Invest in a Concrete Patio

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An outdoor patio is something you invest in so that you can make the most out of your property. You can sit out and relax and enjoy a nice and soothing summer day. You can add more dimension to your landscaping. You can greatly enhance the resale of your home. There are many good reasons to invest in a concrete patio.

The Many Benefits of Concrete Patio Installations

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Variety of Decorative Options

Concrete patios enable you to get creative and expressive. We pour the concrete on-site, which allows us to modify it and include different colors, textures, and patterns into its appearance. You can customize the concrete material so that it corresponds to the exteriors and landscaping of your home. Also, concrete pavers provide you with more flexibility when it comes to the decorative arrangement of your outdoor patio.

Durable and Long-Lasting Results

We consider concrete patios a long-term investment because they offer an incredible amount of durability and they have a longer average lifespan. No matter the conditions, from extreme weather to heavy foot traffic, concrete patios can withstand the punishment. The last thing you want is to be performing repairs and resurfacing the material routinely, but our concrete installations eliminate and simplify all of the required upkeep.

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Affordable Installations

Installing a concrete patio is a lot cheaper than you think, this is because the material is more readily available than stone or brick, which can be costly to obtain. There is minimal labor involved in the installation process, making concrete the financially favorable option for many home and business owners. Also, brick and natural stone are more labor-intensive, which is also why they tend to cost more to install.

Concrete patios are affordable, structurally durable, and they add more panache and elegance to your landscaping.

Additional Benefits of Concrete Patio


Concrete pavers are also customizable and the material is extremely resilient and durable. The material resists cracking and crumbing during harsh weather conditions and it is resistant to extreme heat. There are minimal lifetime costs of repairing and replacing concrete pavers, and they also serve as a relatively low-maintenance option. The material is also non-slip and greatly improves you and your family’s safety. Most of our clients opt for concrete pavers if they are looking for a significant visual upgrade to their landscaping.

Concrete pavers are an excellent choice because they offer an easy and convenient alternative to concrete installations yet they have a lot to offer in terms of their many decorative and aesthetic options.

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Quick and Convenient Installations

Many people are under the impression that it takes a long time to install a concrete patio, but this is simply not true. Backyard patios are one of the easiest hardscaping installations when it comes to pouring the concrete material because they require a lot less labor. This is a major benefit for many people because this means they’ll have immediate access to their backyard in no time. You will also save a lot of money on labor because we will not be spending a lot of time installing your concrete patio.


Many of our customers love concrete patios because the options are seemingly endless. Concrete is also a lot more versatile than traditional building materials because it allows you to incorporate shapes and curvilinear patterns that correspond to the decor of your home. This adds a whole new dimension of beauty and elegance to your landscaping and a concrete patio serves as an attractive and unique addition to your home. We try to offer as many patterns and color schemes as we possibly can so that your outdoor patio will represent you on a more personal level.

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An Environmentally Favorable Option

Concrete installations and pavers are more beneficial for the environment because they require minimal materials to produce the aggregate concrete mixture. We also do not rely on heavy-duty machinery to perform installations. Concrete patios are also incredibly durable and will not easily erode or succumb to damage, which allows you to conserve resources that would go towards repairs and resurfacing services. Other materials, such as wood and tile, require near-constant repair and replacement.

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A Cost-Effective Investment

What also sets apart concrete is that the material will help you save money well into the future. This is because you will rarely need to repair or replace the material as long as you perform regular inspections and maintenance. Concrete patios are very easy to clean which means that you will not have to rely so heavily on chemical cleaners and detergents to perverse the material. Overall, you end up saving a lot of the money that is usually spent on routine repairs and cleanings.

Reliable Installation Services

The Pros and Cons of Installing Concrete Patios

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Cons of an Installation

While there are many benefits to installing a concrete patio, we also want to ensure that you are aware of the drawbacks. Although the material is very durable, you will nonetheless need to perform regular maintenance and cleanings to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Also, concrete is susceptible to staining if you are not careful and fail to clean up any spills. Cracks are also liable to take form in your concrete, so you will need to repair and possibly resurface it.

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Pros of an Installation

It goes without saying that the benefits of concrete patio installations come in abundance. Concrete, especially pavers, give virtually unlimited decorative options and the material is very easy to install. Any maintenance or cleanings that you do need to perform is relatively easy to carry out and concrete patios are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your landscaping. Also, if you are searching for economical ways in which you can improve your home’s curb appeal as well as increase its resale value, then a concrete patio is the way to go.

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Additional Information

When choosing and developing a design for your concrete patio, you want to make sure that it will correspond to the appearance of your home. The longevity of concrete is also something you should take into consideration when making a decision; all you need to is periodically reseal the material and it will last for a long time. The average lifespan of a concrete installation is around 30 years, which is truly remarkable. It is also worth noting that concrete patios offer you an inexpensive initial cost in addition to long-term cost-effective solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are concrete patios slip-resistant?

Concrete patios and pavers are indeed slip-resistant, and this is achieved through texturing and incorporating skid-resistant additives in the concrete mixture. Patios tend to become slippery because the installer will overseal it, which is something that we are careful to avoid. Concrete is one of the safer options when it comes to establishing a slip-resistant surface.


How long do concrete patios last?

If you take care of them properly, your concrete flooring can last up to 20 years at a minimum. Again, this depends on how dedicated you are to preserving the condition of the concrete material. In many cases, concrete patios have lasted up to 30 years. The amount of foot traffic your patio experiencing is also a factor in deciding its lifespan. Another thing you should keep in mind is that every 2-3 years you need to reseal your concrete.

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