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Cleaning and Resealing Your Pavers

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Pavers serve a versatile purpose for your home because you can utilize them for driveways, backyard patios, pool decks, and outdoor walkways. However, to keep them looking nice and pristine, you will need to clean them routinely. But do not worry, maintenance, and cleaning procedures for stone, brick, and concrete pavers are extremely easy to perform and should never give you any issues. Pavers are exposed to the elements which compromise their structural integrity over time if you do not take care of them. For many of our clients, it is easier for them to hire our professional cleaning and maintenance services because it saves them a lot of time and we also offer many affordable options. Also, we possess all of the equipment and experience needed to efficiently and skillfully clean your pavers so that they appear band new and beautiful at all times! You can call us today and we will schedule a cleanup service for you immediately. Our technicians are very professional and they can get the job done in no time.

Why You Need to Clean Your Pavers

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There are many reasons why you should have a professional routinely clean your pavers: it will prevent the material from eroding and it will also keep it looking pristine and elegant. Also, regular cleanings and occasional resealing ensure that your pavers will last for a very long time and these procedures also prevent repairs and replacements services. Overall, keeping your brick pavers looking clean and brand new is easy and affordable for everyone.

The Benefits of Paver Cleaning and Resealing

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Enhanced Curb Appeal

Old and damaged pavers are not a good look – believe it or not, it’s that simple. Many of our clients that they feel ill at ease if something is wrong with their landscaping and they understand the importance of preserving the beauty and elegance of their pavers. Curb appeal is also important when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers are not going to purchase a home with pavers that need to be repaired or replaced altogether. If your pavers are in good condition, then you can resell your home for a lot more money.

Saving Money

If you neglect your brick or concrete pavers for too long, then you will inevitably have to invest in repair and replacements services which can end up costing you a lot of money. Spending all this money to repair your paver installation is easily avoidable and it will do you a great deal of good to invest in inexpensive cleanings. Also, the color of your pavers will fade over time if you do not clean and reseal them, and then you will have no choice but to replace them.

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Easy Cleaning Solutions

We can perform major cleaning and a reseal for very cheap and by hiring us, you are receiving a unique and truly professional service. We are very thorough and we can assure you that we will not cut corners or skip anything during the process. We do recommend that you clean up debris, trash, and minors spills whenever they occur because you won’t need professional help for this. Also, when hiring an expert you save yourself a lot of time and put your trust in people who can easily handle all the demands of the cleaning process.

Cleaning and resealing your pavers are crucial to extending their lifespan. Our professional cleanings services are extremely affordable!

Additional Benefits of Paver Cleanings

Sustained Strength and Durability

Routinely cleaning your pavers and periodically resealing them will ensure that they can withstand all of the demands of extreme weather and various other outdoor elements. The sealer is what prevents heat and moisture from entering the concrete material and structurally corrupting it. When you protect your concrete and allow it to withstand the elements, you also ensure that your landscaping remains in impeccable condition and never loses its aesthetic appeal. Resealing will also ensure that stains do not form on your pavers and resist harsh chemicals and oils that spill onto it.

Pavers, whether they are made of concrete, brick, or natural stone, are widely recognized for their durability, but this is only sustainable if you smartly invest in routine cleanings and resealing.

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More Weather-Resistance

The coating that protects your pavers will eventually wear off and you will need to reseal it. If you don’t do this, then the weather will wreak havoc on the aver material, causing it to break and erode. Also, moisture and heat tend to seep into your pavers compromise the structural integrity of the material. Applying a new layer of sealant will restore your paver’s weather resistance and have it looking shiny and pristine for years to come. Resealing is a great way to incorporate more structural stability to the material of your pavers.

Eliminating Harmful and Unsightly Growths

Weeds can unexpectedly grow through the cracks in your pavers if you do not properly seal them off. Weeds can also cause your pavers to become loosened which will require you to go in and remove the growth and replace the paver altogether. During volatile weather and other geological factors, the ground underneath your pavers will expand and contract, which can cause cracks to form. However, you can avoid this issue altogether if you periodically reseal your pavers. Proper resealing equals fewer intrusions from weeds and other uncontrollable growths.

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Call us today if are interested in our concrete cleaning solutions! We can ensure that you will receive a fair and affordable price for our services.

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Types of Pavers

There are three major types of sealers: brick, concrete, and natural stone. Each material offers its unique benefits and each one offers a great deal of appeal to homeowners. Concrete is a more popular option because the material is extremely affordable and versatile (it can mimic other more expensive materials). With brick and natural stone (e.g. marble, travertine) there is more durability and structural resilience but they are very costly because typical the material has to be obtained from another part of the world. Also, brock and stone pavers offer a more rustic appeal than traditional concrete.

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Additional Benefits of Cleaning and resealing

Regular cleanings will remove any bacteria and dirt that collects in your pavers and resealing the entire installation will strengthen the material and keep your pavers intact during extreme weather conditions. Our cleaning services will also ensure dust won’t be able to collect on your paver installation and the sealant will serve as a repellent for chemicals and oils. We will thoroughly clean and reseal your pavers at an unbelievably affordable cost and we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Professional Cleaning and Resealing Solutions

The Pros and Cons of Paver Cleaning and Resealing

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The Cons

Although resealing and cleanings offer many benefits, we still want you to make an informed decision when hiring our services. First off, cleanings can be performed on your own without having to hire us in the first place, as all you use the materials and techniques that are recommended by a professional. As for resealing, sometimes they are not always necessary depending on the area in which you live. Also, resealing can sometimes alter the appearance of your pavers if it is not done properly, and the first application is not always a guaranteed success.

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The Pros

There numerous benefits to cleanings and resealing. You will easily extend the lifespan of your brick pavers and you will ensure that they are weather-resistant and that they will remain sturdy and durable. Our cleanings services will keep your pavers looking clean and immaculate, and we are so good at removing stains and dirt that it’s almost as if we are turning back time! Improving the appearance of your pavers will also improve the appearance of your landscaping as a whole. What you want is for every aspect of your landscaping to jibe and form a complete and elegant appearance.

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Improving Drainage

Something that is often overlooked is how sealers will improve drainage in your yard by trapping moisture underground which disposes of run-off from precipitation more efficiently. This means that any minor damage that occurs will quickly heal itself and your landscaping will healthier than it ever did. This is also helpful in reducing maintenance in other areas of your landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to seal-off my pavers?

Several different factors determine the time it takes to seal your pavers. The average time is around two full days, but we may need to treat any stains or weed growths in your material. Usually, one day is reserved for removing growths and fixing up any imperfections, and the other day we seal off your pavers. The number of coatings we apply will also depend on the need.


What can I expect from a typical cleaning?

What we do is we utilize a pressurized cleaner on the surface of your pavers which will remove any dirt or debris that has collected on top of it. If there is a pool nearby we will need to place a covering on top of it so that none of the cleaning materials we use will contaminate it. Our cleaning services are very thorough and we ensure that we cover every area of your paver patio. The time it to clean your pavers will also depend on how dirty everything is and the size of the area needs cleaning.

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