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There comes a point when you realize that your paver installation in serious need of restoration: you notice that weeds are beginning to appear, the pavers are discolored, and the base material is no longer sturdy and structurally reliable. What we do is replace any material that has become compromised and then reinstall every unique component. We will also apply an extra layer of sealer so that your pavers will not degrade or succumb to any structural deterioration. Sealers will also preserve the color and natural beauty of your pavers. Some of the other restoration services that we perform include certain sanitation procedures, removal of mold or mildew, and emulsification of weeds and intrusive foliage. Our licensed contractors can handle anything when it comes to paver restoration: they have installed and restored retaining walls, paver patios, walkways, and even courtyards on a near-daily basis for many years now. Go ahead and contact one of our team members today and they can explain our services in greater detail. We also offer free estimates!

Types of Sealers


One of the primary aspects of paver restoration is the sealer that is applied to your paver installation to protect and reinforce the structure of the material. Different sealers have different usages, and it is our job to make you aware of all the available options. The two types of sealers we use are film formers and penetrants, and the sealer that you choose will largely depend on the material of the paver and the kind of protection you will need.

Two Types of Sealers: Film Formers and Penetrants

film formers

Film Formers

Film formers are a top layer sealer that adheres to the surface of the paver and provides ample protection from water, snow, and any contaminating substances. The finish of the film former creates a glossy and polished appearance, which greatly benefits the visual and structural presentation of the pavers. Film formers will significantly prolong the life-span of your paver installation if applied routinely.


Penetrants are a sealer that will enter the perforated surface of a concrete paver at one to four millimeters deep (penetrants are typically used on exorbitant materials). Penetrants will resist water and prevent stains from occurring. Penetrants will also greatly increase the life-span of your paver installation, and they are very effective in restoring the color and visual appearance of your pavers.

additional information on sealers

Additional Information on Sealers

Sealers are very resourceful if you are searching for an affordable and simple solution that greatly enhances the structural durability of your paver installation. Sealers can be applied to many different materials, such as limestone, granite, brick, and concrete pavers, and you can apply sealing agents onto driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, and parking areas. Sealers will make your paver installation brighter, shinier, cleaner, and more durable.

Paver Restoration offers an affordable and efficient solution to repairing and revitalizing your pool deck, backyard patio, or an outdoor walkway. There are many benefits to our restoration services!

The Many Benefits of Paver Restoration


The color of your stone, concrete, and brick pavers will eventually begin to fade away after extensive exposure to sunlight, but our professional restoration services will bring back that vibrant and effervescent presence. Although pavers are typically very durable and resilient, they will lose their color if a sealer is not periodically applied to it. A simple restoration service will have your paver installation looking brand new and visually magnificent. Sealers will preserve the color and shininess of your pavers for many years to come.

preventing damage

Preventing Damage

One of the main benefits of our restoration services is that your pavers will regain the indestructible quality that they had when you initially installed them. Whether you are replacing the base materials or applying a sealer to the pavers, we can guarantee that your backyard patio or driveway will resist and prevent any potential damage or physical deterioration. The sealer we apply will repel water and any other contaminating substances, such as oil, grease, bacteria, and grime. Also, our restoration efforts will ensure that your paver installation can endure extreme weather conditions.


The base material of paver installation is typically made of sand, and sometimes this material can be washed away sand and it will need to be replaced. What we do is we remove any ineffectual base material and then re-install the pavers and apply a sealer to fortify the joint materials that keep the pavers locked in place. A sealer should certainly be applied to your paver installation if there is a pool nearby to prevent the sand from becoming dislodged and entering the pool. The sealer also prevents and insects or animals from potentially tarnishing the base material.


Contact one of our professional contractors today and they can answer any question regarding our paver restoration services!


Minimizing Maintenance

Sealers will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs you will perform on your concrete or brick pavers. Sealers also make it much easier to clean your backyard patio or driveway (we advise all of our clients to powerwash their paver installation). Cracks and physical blemishing is also less likely to occur, and the sealer will limit and prevent any discoloration. We tell all of our clients that once you apply the sealer, a simple wash will completely restore the shininess and brightness of your paver installation.



The main reason why many of our clients hire our restoration services is that they want their paver installation looking brand new again. We know that many of you like to host parties and entertain guests, and the last thing you want is for them to notice how dull or dilapidated your backyard patio has become. Sealers and paver restorations will resurrect your backyard patio and make it appear beautiful and vibrant once again. The sealer that we apply will restore the textures and little details that made your backyard patio stand out from traditional concrete installations.

Professional Paver Restorations

The Pros and Cons of Paver Restorations

pros paver restoration

The Pros of Paver Restorations

There are many benefits of paver restoration that you simply cannot afford to pass up. Sealers can greatly enhance the visual beauty of your paver installation and restore the brightness and vibrancy of the colors to their original luster. Sealers also provide your pavers with additional protection from natural phenomena such as rain and sunlight. Oils and grime will not be able to penetrate the concrete, brick, or stone material that comprises your paver installation, and the sealer prevents mold and weed growth from occurring in between the paver pieces.

cons paver restoration

The Cons of Paver Restorations

Although there are many advantages to hiring our paver restoration services, there also a few drawbacks that we feel you should know about. You will be required to periodically reseal your pavers because the sealer will thin out over time. The frequency with which you will need to apply a sealer depends on the materials of the pavers. Sealers can also be somewhat costly, and this is because inexpensive sealers will quickly breakdown and you will be constantly resealing your pavers. This can create a recurring financial strain. Also, sealers can potentially contaminate nearby vegetation if it is improperly applied to your pavers.

additional information

Additional Information

Overall, paver restoration can greatly improve and revitalize any outdoor setting, whether it be a backyard patio, pool deck, or driveway. Sealers provide significant protection against stains and greatly reduce the likelihood of any physical imperfections from developing in your paver installation. Sealers are one of the more popular options when it comes to restoring the rich and brilliant appearance of your paver installation, and many of our clients tell us that they choose our restoration services because then they can completely avoid having to renovate and redevelop their outdoor property.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to replace the sand surrounding my pavers?

Not in every scenario, but there are situations where you will need to replace the sand, and that is because the base material will become compromised and this can harm the structure of your paver installation. However, if you periodically apply a sealer then the sand will remain intact.


Can sealer or sand end up in my pool?

We are very careful through the entire restoration process when working around a pool, and we can assure that very minimal if any sealer or sand will end up in your pool. We use specialized equipment that will prevent excessive amounts of sand from ending up in your pool.

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