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Stone, concrete, and brick pavers are becoming an increasingly popular hardscaping material used in installing backyard patios, pool decks, and outdoor walkways. Paver patios serve quite a few different purposes and they offer numerous benefits: the material is durable and resilient, they are easy to repair, and they are an aesthetic improvement compared to traditional concrete installations. As a homeowner who wants to protect their property and increase its value, you are always searching for ways in which you can make upgrades. You want to install a paver patio that can endure and withstand severe weather and you want to hire professional contractors who can provide you with reliable and affordable services. We offer an array of options to choose from when determining the colors, textures, and design of your paver patio, and we are very accommodating for all of our clients before, during, and after the installation process. Our concrete & hardscaping solutions are among the best that you can find in the Las Vegas Region, so go ahead give us a call today!

Different Types of Pavers

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There are three primary materials to choose from before we begin the installation process, and they include stone, brick, and concrete pavers. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks, but overall they offer a great deal of durability, resilience, and modernism. There many different colors and designs to choose from and the paver patio installations that we perform will completely transform and revitalize your outdoor property.

The Three Primary Pavers

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Concrete Pavers

Many of our clients who decide to install concrete pavers are typically searching for cheaper patio flooring solutions (stone pavers are much more expensive), and they also want a driveway installation to be completed in a matter of days. Concrete pavers offer you a lot of variety in terms of the shapes, sizes, and colors there are to choose from, but they degrade quicker than stone and brick.

Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers provide a smooth and beautiful finish to your driveway, and they also offer plenty of traction, which greatly increases you and your family’s safety. Stone pavers require minimal maintenance and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Although stone pavers are the most expensive material, they offer many different options to choose from when determining the color and design of your outdoor patio.

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Brick Pavers

Although most brick paver patios are uniform in appearance, they are nonetheless aesthetically beautiful and they conjure up a simple and exquisite rusticity that you will rarely find anywhere else. Brick pavers are relatively affordable, but the installation process can take a while to complete because of how heavy and dense the material is. Brick pavers can be intricately laid out, creating unique and elegant patterns.

Paver Patios are beautiful, affordable, and easy to install! There are many benefits to hiring our concrete & hardscaping solutions!

The Many Benefits of Paver Patio Installations


Our paver patio installations are extremely resistant to physical blemishing and natural erosion, and they can easily endure high volumes of foot traffic and pedestrian activity. Our paver installations are engineered toward accommodating highly populated areas, and they can last for decades without degrading or undergoing damage. Our paver installations will preserve their pristine and impeccable appearance for many years and they are three to four times stronger than traditional concrete installations. Pavers are also much easier to repair than a large slab of concrete.

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Minimal Maintenance

Pavers are much easier to clean and maintain, and that is because of their resistance to dirt and grime. Repairs are very simple and easy to perform, and any trash that collects on top of your pavers can be easily removed and thrown away. Stains can also be removed with soap and water. You can also apply an additional layer of sealant to provide your pavers with extra strength and protection. If one of the pavers is significantly damaged, one of our contractors that easily replace it. The repairing process is much simpler for paver patios because you will not need to replace or resurface any substantive areas of concrete.

A Space for Entertainment

Our paver patios allow you to entertain family and guests no matter the occasion. Paver patios are a perfect space for fire pits, furniture, and other recreational components, which will greatly increase the quality of your life. Many of our clients tell us that the paver patio enables them to get creative and expand upon any ideas they may have for summertime activities. Paver patios are also perfect for outdoor grilling and special occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries. There is no need to worry if any spills or accidents are to occur as paver patios make are extremely resilient which makes it significantly easier to clean up any messes.

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Weather Resistant

Our paver patios can easily endure extreme weather conditions without undergoing any kind of damage or deterioration. Fluctuating temperatures and seasonal changes can have a big impact on concrete patios, but our professional paver installation will easily withstand a wide range of climatic behaviors. Changes in temperatures will cause the ground underneath your patio to expand and contract, but this will not affect your paver patio installation. Paver patios are structurally flexible and they will prevent the appearance of cracks and other physical defects.

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You have a lot of options to choose from when designing and installing your paver patio. There are many different colors, textures, and patterns that are available to you and we encourage you to develop a visual layout that jibes with the architectural decor of your home. You can keep it simple with neutral colors and classical designs or you can get experimental and aim for something a little more modern and chic. The paver patio that you choose should be something that you feel represents your personality and incorporates more elegance and splendor into your outdoor property.

Professional Paver Patio Installations

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paver Patios

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The Advantages

Paver patios will greatly enhance the beauty and visual elegance of your outdoor property, and they provide you with ample opportunity to hist parties and entertain guests. The materials we use for our pavers are extremely durable and resilient, ensuring that your outdoor patio will remain in pristine condition for years to come. Concrete and brick pavers are very cheap to install and we can complete any installation in a relatively short amount of time. Maintenance and repairs are easy to perform and do not require you to do anything that would end up costing you a lot of money.

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The Disadvantages

We cannot say that there are many disadvantages to installing a paver patio, but we will remark that natural stone pavers can be pretty costly and although brick pavers are very much affordable, they can take a bit longer to install due to their density and heaviness. Also, over time the color of your brick, stone, or concrete pavers will fade, and you may need to re-apply sealant to the pavers in the future. Other than this, the benefits of paver patios certainly outweigh the disadvantages and many people are opting for paver installations because they are technological and architecturally superior to traditional concrete slabs.

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Additional Information

Paver patios can also come in handy as a drainage system to help you manage excess rainwater and runoff, which will greatly protect your soil and prevent it from experiencing erosion. Also, the different materials that we use to install and situate your paver patio are engineered to significantly reduce weed growth. We also recommend that you purchase extra pavers in case something were to happen and you would need to replace a damaged or ineffectual paver. If there is nothing else that you want to know about concrete & hardscaping solutions, then we strongly encourage you to contact one of our licensed contractors today!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some examples of the different shapes and sizes of a paver?

Paver can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but some of the more common options include rectangular, square, and polygonal shapes at sizes that range between 8” x 8” and 24” X 24”. Additionally, you can opt for a paver that is circular or curvilinear.


Are your natural stone pavers worth the cost?

Absolutely. They are extraordinarily beautiful and you will find nothing else like it. Brick and concrete pavers simply do not compare when it comes to achieving and replicating the visual elegance and grandeur of natural stone pavers. The material is also unbelievably durable, which means that by spending more money now to install our stone pavers you will end up saving even more money well into the future.

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