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Paver driveways are a hardscaping alternative that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and companies involved in developing residential properties. We are a reliable service provider for paver installations in the Las Vegas area and we are committed to helping you discover and install a beautiful and dependable new driveway. We are here to help you to achieve all of your hardscaping aspirations, and we provide the materials, resources, equipment, and experience to get the job done. Paver driveways produce a sense of elegance and enchantment that you will not find with any ordinary concrete installation. You will also discover that our stone and brick pavers are very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Minimal effort is required to clean and maintain paver driveways, you will rarely need to perform repairs and resurfacing. You can call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional contractors. We also offer free estimates!

Different Types of Paver Materials

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We offer a solid selection of paver materials to choose from, including brick, stone, and concrete. Our team of licensed contractors can perform paver installations quickly and efficiently, and our services are environmentally friendly. Our pavers are truly unique and we utilize every tool and resource at our disposal to ensure that your new driveway is properly installed.

Materials Used for Paver Driveways

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Paver Stones

Paver stones come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors, and the material is typically obtained from a quarry rather being made from a mold or structural template. There are also many different types of paver stones, such as travertine, cobblestone, and bluestone. Paver stones offer a considerable amount of strength and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers represent the most affordable approach to installing your new driveway. Made of concrete and other aggregate materials, this particular type of paver is often used for interlocking driveways that are very adaptable to your design plan. Concrete pavers offer you the opportunity to develop and construct a driveway that is aesthetically one-of-a-kind and extraordinary.

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Brick Pavers

Many of our clients opt for brick pavers if they are looking for something more traditional and simplistic yet still beautiful and elegant. Brick can be pretty costly to install, but you can easily incorporate a brick design into your driveway at a much cheaper cost through concrete pavers. Brick pavers are also scratch-, stain-, and impact-resistant.

Paver driveways offer you a considerable amount of durability and they are also visually magnificent. Learn more about the benefits of our paver driveway installations!

The Many Benefits of Paver Driveway Installations


Pavers are incredibly durable and they are not nearly as vulnerable to physical damage as are other traditional concrete installations. The materials we use for our installations are resistant to heat and moisture, which means that your driveway will not undergo any structural deterioration despite extremely hot or cold temperatures. You will also not have to worry about the appearance of skid marks or any other indicators of physical blemishing. The high-durability of the pavers also ensures that you will perform very minimal maintenance on your driveway. You can also apply a sealant that repels water, oil, and other substances.

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Our paver driveways are environmentally friendly because through our hardscaping solutions you can properly divert any excess rainwater or runoff, which will greatly benefit the soil in your yard and prevent it from eroding. Our permeable pavers enable rainwater to soak into the soil directly beneath the driveway instead of draining into a sewer where it will collect among oil, dirt, and grime. This way you can ensure that you are properly draining and redirecting any excess rainwater.


Our paver driveways are long-lasting with an estimated average life-span of 20 years when properly installed. A big reason why many of our clients hire us is that we provide a long-term solution to a problem that will not easily go away. When you obtain our services, you will be getting the most out of your driveway for years to come. You will be receiving a service that will go a long way and bring a whole new appearance and ambiance to your outdoor property. If you live in an area with a moderate climate, then you can expect your paver installation to have an even longer life-span.

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We offer many different colors, textures, and styles to choose from when it comes to installing your new driveway, and that is because our pavers are made from a variety of materials. The materials we provide have their own set of benefits and, depending on what you choose, they can create a wide range of different appearances and naturalities. No matter what you are looking for, whether it’s strength, affordability, or grandeur, we have you covered. We strongly encourage all of our clients to consider every option that we offer before any installation takes place.

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Shape, Size, and Pattern

Despite the material you choose, pavers can be cut and assembled into a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of our clients opt for a rectangular or square shape, but you can also decide on a circular or other polygonal structures. The different shapes and sizes to choose from also open the door for more intricate designs and permutations. We want you to develop and create a layout for your driveway that is unique but also visually appealing.

Professional Installations

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Paver Driveways

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Advantages of Paver Driveways

Concrete pavers can be installed at a cheap price and you save a significant amount on maintenance and resurfacing because the materials we use are extremely durable and resilient. Strains can be removed with a simple chemical cleaner and it will take years for any physical damaging to take effect on your driveway. We offer a variety of design choices and stone pavers provide a significant amount of resistance to heat and moisture. Pavers are simply more durable and sturdy than traditional concrete installations.

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Disadvantages of Paver Driveways

Perhaps the most considerable disadvantage of paver driveways is that installations can be fairly costly depending on the materials you use (stone pavers are typically more expensive), but many of our clients tell us that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Brick pavers also offer a little less variety in terms of the colors, shapes, and patterns that you can incorporate into the design of your driveway, but they are elegant and idyllic nonetheless.

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Additional Information

Paver driveways represent a unique and innovative opportunity to augment and beautify your outdoor property. Paver driveways provide you with increased traction for your vehicles and they are fairly easy to repair. Also, unlike asphalt and poured concrete, there are no curing periods when it comes to paver driveways. Once the pavers are installed, you can use your driveway. Physical blemishing and imperfections are also much less likely to occur.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the installation process entail?

Simply put, what we do is we remove any debris, trash, or hazardous items from the area where the pavers will be installed. Then, we add the base materials and then lay the pavers according to a specific scheme or design of your choosing. Finally, apply a layer of sealant to the paver material to protect it from rain, snow, and other natural phenomena.


What are the benefits of interlocking pavers?

An interlocking paver system makes it much easier for you to access certain underground utilities, such as powerlines and sprinklers. Interlocking pavers will also significantly reduce the occurrence of physical blemishing due to the joints that connect every paver. Also, they are practically indestructible because interlocking pavers will naturally shift and readjust according to different geological behaviors.

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