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Travertine pavers are often used in pool deck installations and a variety of different construction projects. Travertine is a kind of natural stone found in hot springs and limestone caves; the material is extremely durable and it can last for decades without damaging when properly maintained. Many of our clients also opt for travertine pavers because the material will easily and seamlessly blend in with a variety of landscaping layouts and travertine will remain in immaculate condition for many years to come. Also, travertine is very easy to clean and repair, and the natural material is resistant to heat and moisture, providing your outdoor walkway or backyard patio with ample protection from rain, snow, and other climatic conditions. Some other benefits include slip-resistance as well as structural versatility, and the material itself is widely available throughout the landscaping industry. No matter where you install your travertine pavers, they will greatly enhance and revitalize any outdoor setting.

Where to Install Travertine Pavers

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Travertine is a versatile material that can be installed in a variety of settings. We mainly utilize travertine for outdoor hardscaping structures, such as pool decks, walkways, driveways, and backyard patios. Travertine is utilized throughout the landscaping industry because the material is perfect for outdoor applications. Travertine is an extremely durable material that will last a lot longer than concrete, which is another reason why so many people are utilizing this material for their outdoor hardscaping projects.

Most Common Usages of Travertine Pavers

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Backyard Patios

Travertine pavers are for backyard patios because the material is naturally beautiful and resembles a limestone installation (travertine is a type of transformed limestone). The elegant appearance of the travertine pavers will greatly enhance any outdoor setting and create an environment that is more inviting and perfect for hosting parties.

Outdoor Walkways

Travertine pavers can also be used for outdoor walkways that connect your home to your garage or creating a pathway through your backyard area. No matter how extreme the weather is, travertine pavers offer a great deal of protection and resistance to natural phenomena. This means that your outdoor walkway will remain in pristine condition despite any climatic conditions.

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Pool Decks

Many of our clients replace their old and damaged concrete pool deck with travertine pavers, and this is because the material is resistant to heat, Travertine will remain cool in conditions of extreme heat, making it a safe and viable option for pool deck installations. You will be able to walk barefoot across your pool deck without any issues.

Travertine pavers are a visually beautiful and structurally resilient material. There are many benefits to installing travertine pavers! Call us today and receive a free estimate!

The Many Benefits of Travertine Pavers


Travertine is a natural stone material that is incredibly storing and can withstand extreme climatic conditions. Travertine is also three times as strong as a traditional concrete installation, and this is because it is extremely dense after spending years being compressed into the material that it is today. Travertine won’t begin to experience erosion or any structural damage for many years into the future because of how sturdy the material is. Many of our clients opt to install travertine pavers simply because with greater durability comes greater reliability and resilience. Travertine is also a long-lasting material that you will not replace for a long time to come.

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Heat Resistance

Many of our clients choose travertine over other hardscaping materials because it is extremely heat resistant, which means that your pool deck or driveway will never undergo any structural damage due to excessive exposure to heat and sunlight. We know a lot of people who utilize travertine for there backyard pool deck because the material will remain and temperate even during the most extreme heatwave. This means you will not need to worry about burning your feet when walking across your pool deck. It is also worth noting that despite excessive exposure to the sun, travertine will retain its color for many years to come.

Natural Beauty

There is no denying that travertine pavers are extremely beautiful because of their natural elegance and the material can seamlessly blend in with a variety of outdoor environments. Many of our clients simply adore that unique appearance of travertine and they install the material because they not only want their outdoor property to look more naturally beautiful, but they also want to increase the value of their homes. We offer a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from when selecting the travertine pavers for your outdoor installation. This gives you more leverage and control over the process and allows you to coordinate the visual layout of any landscaping project.

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Easy Installation

Travertine pavers are very simple and easy to install, although we recommend that you hire one of our professional contractors to perform any installations. With travertine pavers, you are essentially building out the installation. What we do is compact the soil and prepare the base-area for the travertine material. Then, we cut the stone into separate pieces that will be installed to form a complete hardscaping structure. If any of the travertine pavers experience any structural damage, you can easily swap it out with another one, making it much easier to maintain and repair any outdoor hardscaping.

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Resistant to Mold and Grime

Travertine pavers are considered to be an extremely resilient material because they are resistant to mold, mildew, grime, and other unwelcome growths. Concrete installations tend to be very susceptible to these kinds of conditions, but travertine resists them, and this will save you a lot of time and energy on scraping, cleaning, and rehabilitating your outdoor hardscaping. Travertine is a solid material that resists many of the negative effects of aging, which means the color and structural integrity of your pavers will remain in pristine conditions well into the future. Travertine pavers are a long-term investment that you simply cannot refuse.

Professional Installations

The Pros and Cons of Installing Travertine Pavers

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Cons of Travertine Pavers

Travertine is an extremely costly material, and this is because it is a natural product that has to be quarried before undergoing a thorough manufacturing process. Travertine pavers are on average 20% more expensive than concrete blocks. You will also have to use specific cleaning products for travertine pavers, preferably something that is not acidic, as this can lead to discoloration and staining in your paver. Also, travertine has to be sealed, otherwise the material will undergo significant structural damage – especially in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

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Pros of Travertine Pavers

Although there are a few drawbacks to travertine, we firmly believe that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. The material is extremely resilient and it can withstand intense climatic conditions. When properly sealed off, the material can last for several decades before experiencing any kind of structural damage or deterioration. The material itself contains a natural beauty that will greatly enhance the aesthetic arrangement of your outdoor property, and its improved appearance will also greatly increase the value of your property. Travertine pavers are also very easy to replace, and it resembles marble and limestone – two extremely expensive natural stone materials, but travertine can be acquired at a fraction of the cost.

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Other Useful Information

We would also like to include some additional information about travertine pavers. The material can be seamlessly incorporated into a hardscaping setup that utilizes different stone materials and tiling, and a unique and visually diverse patio layout. Travertine pavers give off a polished look that adds more structural authenticity to any hardscaping fixture. Travertine offers a great deal of longevity and durability, which means that the material will not need to be repaired or replaced well into the future. It will take decades to the color to fade away and the material is extremely resistant to heat, moisture, and various other climatic conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to seal my travertine pavers?

We recommend that you seal them periodically, but no, you do not have to seal them. But if you do not seal them, they will experience discoloration and undergo structural impairment. Sealers also help bring out and amplify the natural beauty of travertine stone. Also, travertine will damage in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic such as a backyard patio, so this would be a circumstance where we strongly recommend that you seal the material.


How do I clean travertine pavers?

We suggest that you purchase a cleaner that is specifically designed to clean travertine pavers and that you routinely mop and areas that experience a lot of foot traffic. A cleaner that we recommend to all of our clients is DuPont™ StoneTech® Stone & Tile Cleaner.

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