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Retaining Walls

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Brick and stone structures are becoming very popular in the hardscaping industry and the retaining walls that we install will provide you with ample opportunity to add more functionality and beauty to your home. Our licensed hardscaping professionals can handle anything when it comes to installing your new retaining wall and they can help you develop and establish an outdoor living space that is luxurious and extravagant. Our outdoor retaining walls represent a viable alternative to traditional hardscaping solutions because they provide you with plenty of decorative flexibility and our installations can be completed in a matter of days. Through our concrete and hardscaping services, you can enhance and modify your existing outdoor areas and coordinate an installation process that will completely transform and beautify your property. We are very accommodating when it comes to financing and establishing a budget for our services, and we will provide you with plenty of assistance and advice throughout the entire process.

Making the Most of Your Property

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There are many reasons as to why you should install a retaining wall, but perhaps what is most important is that you can utilize your outdoor property in a way that is equally purposeful and conservational. Our concrete and hardscaping solutions present a unique opportunity for you to optimize the way you utilize your outdoor setting in a way that also prevents soil erosion and adds value to your property.

Retaining Walls Create More Functionality

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We tell all of our clients that a retaining wall will allow you to fully utilize any outdoor setting, and that is because of the way you design and structure it. Retaining walls allow you to augment your backyard patio or even establish a recreational space that gives you more control over the space.


Our concrete and hardscaping solutions offer you a chance to re-envision and transform any outdoor area. A retaining wall can make a significant difference in repurposing a backyard patio or a garden, adding an extra layer of beauty and luxury to an outdoor space that is otherwise ordinary and bland.

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Long-Term Solutions

The retaining walls that we install will remain in impeccable condition for years to come and they will always possess that original allure and beauty that compelled you to install it in the first place. We utilize high-grade materials and installation equipment anytime we build a retaining wall, that way your backyard or driveway will be looking good for a long time to come.

Our retaining walls are made of durable concrete and brick materials that are incredibly beautiful! We want to explain a little bit more about why you should install a retaining wall in your yard.

The Many Benefits of a Concrete retaining Wall


Retaining walls are an environmentally favorable option because they enable you to not only control all of the runoff from flooding and excessive rain, but they help prevent soil erosion. The retaining wall diminishes and nullifies any extreme gradient areas, allowing you to control where the flood water travels throughout your yard, effectively reducing erosion by limiting the speed at which the water travels. You can also have drainage systems integrated into any hardscaping construction that way any runoff is properly redirected.

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Decorative Enhancement

A retaining wall is visually appealing. Anyone who is visiting your home will immediately notice it and they won’t help appreciate all the beauty and splendor that it incorporates into your landscaping. A retaining wall allows you to get creative with the appearance and presentation of any outdoor area and gives you more control over the architectural appeal of your property. Additionally, a retaining wall will greatly increase the value of your property if you are going to sell your home.


There are many different things that you can do with a retaining wall, and we encourage you to consider all of the possibilities. They can help protect your landscaping and prevent any serious mishaps from occurring, such as sinkholes and erosion. Retaining walls do a great job at stabilizing your home property if it happens to reside on a hill or a slope, establishing level surfaces on slanted areas. This makes it much easier for you to plant trees and grow gardens because the retaining wall will protect the soil from becoming compromised.

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Less Maintenance

The amount of protection and strength a retaining wall provides significantly reduces the labor and effort you would normally invest in grooming and preserving the landscape of your home property. The control that you will have over any surface runoff will make it much easier for you to balance out your lawn and perform routine landscaping. Also, the materials we use very durable and will require little effort from you to keep them in good condition. We also incorporate different materials into the installation to ensure that the concrete in your retaining wall will resist heat and moisture.

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Financial Upside

Our services can be acquired at an economical price, and we can guarantee that a retaining wall that we install will greatly increase the value of your property. The materials we use to pour and produce the concrete components can be cheaply acquired and installed, and this allows you to build terraced retaining walls (a very elaborate and sophisticated outdoor structure) at an affordable price. The materials we use are also extremely durable and resistant to heat and moisture. This ensures that the retaining wall will last for a long time, which will help you save a significant amount of money on repairs and maintenance.

Reliable Installations

The Pros and Cons of Our Installing a Retaining Wall

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The Cons

Many of our clients who inquire about installing a retaining wall want minimal help throughout the entire process, and the truth is that construction can be extremely difficult when you are doing it all by yourself. The concrete components are very heavy and it can take a long time to install everything by yourself. The installation requires certain tools to cut concrete into different shapes and sizes, and not everyone possesses the proper equipment. Also, although visually beautiful and elegant, the concrete wall is not as distinctive and unique as other hardscaping features.

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The Pros

Retaining walls are extremely affordable to install and they help protect the soil in your yard from potential erosion. We offer you several different options when it comes to the color and consistency of the concrete that we pour when constructing your retaining wall, and use high-grade materials that are strong and sturdy. Your retaining wall will be beautiful and exquisite, and we can perform any installation in a matter of days. Furthermore, our hardscaping solutions offer you a lot of versatility in terms of the shape, appearance, and location of your retaining wall.

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An Installation for a retaining wall is a multi-step process that requires a lot of diligence and attention to detail. You have to choose the right materials for the jobs and determine where the wall will be installed before digging up a trench and laying down your first course of stone. Next, you want to establish a drainage system before adding more layers of brick or stone. You want to ensure that each layer of stone establishes an even and level surface. Finally, you want to add your top layer of stone before backfilling and restoring any soil or landscaping that was excavated during the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to install a retaining wall?

The time it takes us to perform the installation depends on certain conditions of your property. Your retaining wall could be five feet long or it could stretch across your entire property. Either way, installations are performed relatively quickly. We encourage you to speak with one of our licensed contractors to find out more.


I want to install the retaining wall myself but I’m still not sure about this. What do you think?

We strongly recommend that you are a team of professionals to install your retaining wall, and this is because many things can and will go wrong. There many minor yet important steps that you must observe during the installation process, otherwise your retaining wall will need to be destroyed and reconstructed. An issue that we encounter a lot with DIY installations is that wall is askew, and this can create certain irregularities and even lead to potential safety issues.

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